Attract attention to your online database, attach images to your records.

Visualizing is an excellent way to make the contents more memorable and allows people to get the gist of data easily without getting lost in the pool of texts. Images are good motivations for your audience to start searching your database. They will more likely share it with friends on social media.

If your database is mostly physical items, you can digitize a few of the most attractive ones from the storage. Once people are in the database, they soon discover all the other interesting material that may still be in the physical form. If an item is not available for viewing online, they can request it from your reference desk with an automatically populated email.

Eloquent recently posted a video on YouTube about handing images published by an experienced knowledge professional and an adjunct university professor. She has a message for all knowledge professionals regarding how to manage various types of digital content and the special consideration given to images and photographs.

TheĀ Eloquent WebSuite applications give you the chance of digitizing and handling your images. Watch this video and learn how to expand your audience. You can also search into several client databases to find out how they are using images to improve their handling goals.